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May 2021 - IMPORTANT UPDATE - letter to Clients and Friends


**Important Stud Update: Out with the "old" in with the "new" **

2021 is a year of many changes at GullenGamble......

With Mark and Kym deciding to retire; GullenGamble now under the ownership of their son and daughter-in-law Nathan and Hannah Kerin.

Over the past 23 years of running GullenGamble Merinos/Poll Merinos; Mark and Kym have made huge differences in the quality and the character of so many clients' flocks in achieving ‘The Right Balance Between Wool & Meat’. Mark and Kym wish to sincerely thank you - our loyal clients - for your ongoing support and friendships over the years and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.

Moving forward - while Nathan and Hannah are passionate about the merino industry; GullenGamble Poll Merino Stud will not continue as part of their business. Therefore, jointly, Mark and Kym along with Nathan and Hannah have made the decision to disperse the stud.

While this is a huge closure in our lives, it is potentially a huge opportunity in yours; as we will be offering you the chance to purchase proven genetics and industry-leading quality ewes at our Ewe Dispersal Sale on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

The Dispersal Sale will be on-farm and also interfaced with AuctionsPlus. We strongly encourage you to get on board and make the most of this terrific opportunity to purchase stock with years of dedication, genetics and proven performance.

Official details of lots on offer and a breakdown of the Sale will follow in the coming weeks.

We also encourage you to attend our final On-Property Ram Sale on Tuesday 14 September 2021 - where we will again offer a quality selection of industry-leading rams for discerning buyers. Formal details will be available closer to this date.

Come along and join us for a celebration of a job well done over the past years as we farewell Mark and Kym and thank you personally for your support.

Thank you
Mark, Kym, Nathan and Hannah