GullenGamble sires over our ewes - the wether lambs averaged 3kg+ in weight over the two other studs we had previously purchased rams from. 

Given these figures in a drought and the fact that more feedlots are changing to Merino lambs; we are now dropping our XB lamb enterprise totally and selling merino wether lambs fattened on winter and summer forage crops.

We are SUPER impressed with the GullenGamble lambs, big growth rate, frame and wool.  A very even line of lambs.

Some bloodlines just click with your ewes I guess.

Ian & Brenda McColl - Barraba (New England region) NSW

We have been with Gullen for over 10 years.

For the past four years, we have been shearing every 8 months using GullenGamble rams and we have been able to average 85mm every shearing. 

Our merino lambing percentages are on par with our cross-breds and we are able to shear and get rid of our sale lambs earlier than we have been able to previously.

Our ewes are the most even over our whole flock; than ever before.

This means less and less culls at classing each year - which in my opinion - lines up with GullenGamble's direction.

Out of all the studs we have seen; GullenGamble Merinos are leading the way with evenness of thick bodied rams with bulk and nourishing soft bright wool throughout the flock.

Matthew and Emily Johnson - Obley NSW

My breeding objectives of balancing plenty of good, soft, white wool of around 20 microns with high fertility; are certainly being met by GullenGamble.  

This year, after a good winter out west, I was extremely pleased with wool cut and test results.  After a few tight winters, I was beginning to think I had gone too fine, but the majority of adult ewe wool this year was around 20.5 micron and a healthy six kilos at 10 month's growth.

Recent scanning results showing 62% twins, augers well for another good lambing to add to the last few years of around 120% weaned.

Don Macdonald - Molong and Brewarrina

For the past 2 years we have been joining GullenGamble Merinos at 8 to 9 months of age.  At weaning, the ewes and wethers are supplementary fed in lucerne and oats; allowing the ewe to develop with speed along with the wether.  At 9 months of age, the ewes have developed quite a large frame and are joined to the White Suffolk as they are unclassed at this stage.

This year, they lambed at 77% unscanned.  They lambed with ease and mothered exceptionally well with losses similiar to our adult flocks.  Out of 330 ewes - two lambs were pulled.

The lambs are weaned early and the ewes classed.  They are then joined in line with the existing flock to the Merino.  The ewes this year on their 2nd lamb backed up with 87% unscanned.  By this stage, they have lambed twice in 17 months from the first joining to the second lamb.  The ewes suffer little setback with the myth of stunting their growth found to be untrue.  The fleece lost about $8, but had a $90 lamb at foot at shearing.

Last year's drop of wether lambs at 10 months old sold earlier this year for a top of $150.... plus a fleece of $27.42 = $177.42 and the tops of the White Suffolk lambs from 9 month ewes made $185 per head at the same sale.... great results!

Michael & Leanne Heywood - "Old Mungery" Peak Hill

We have been using GullenGamble rams since the Stud formed.  During the first 5 years, our fibre diameter dropped from 22 microns to 19 microns.  Now; we enjoy good bulky 19 micron wool cuts from large framed, early maturing, exceptionally fertile ewes.

The Kerin Family are very focussed on their goals in sheep breeding, which gives us the confidence to keep going back.

Holland Family, "Uungula" Wellington

 "We have been GullenGamble clients for 15 years.  The journey has been interesting, as we have come from a plain bodied 22 micron flock, which was medium framed and cutting 4 to 5 kg of wool.  Now, we have an uncomplicated 19 micron flock, which is larger framed and cutting 6 to 8 kg.  Our surplus wether lambs mature quickly to meet the lamb market and our sheep look very consistent.  Thanks to Mark's enthusiasm and knowledge; we now have a very dual purpose flock."

John & Penny Holland “Uungula” Wellington

 "I have been buying GullenGamble rams now for 4 years; initially because I was interested in the SRS line of sheep breeding, as we had continual problems with dermatitis and flystrike - given our high rainfall location at Black Springs near Oberon.  What was a surprise to my Manager and I, was the substantial change in lambing rates.  Our flock had evolved from all types of genetic lines as we tried to build up a merino flock following the purchase of the property in 2001, and our marking rates were around the traditional 80%.  Following the use of GullenGamble rams; our maiden ewes now mark around 100% and we average around 115% for our flock as a whole at marking.

The other advantage with our sheep now is that they grow out well - we sell our wethrs usually after the 2nd or 3rd shearing as our wool cheque is important to us.  Feedback from other producers that have bought our wethers has also been very complimentary.

Not only did we solve the majority of our flystrike problem; but we fundamentally changed the profitability of our Merino Sheep operation.  What all this highlighted to me is the value of genetics and the huge opportunity for sheep breeders in Australia as the Stud Industry increases the use of genetics.  GullenGamble may now have stopped following the SRS System, but the genetics are still thre and I know I will be back at the next ram sale.

Westbrook Holdings, Black Springs near Oberon

"I have worked in the sheep industry for 20 plus years with considerable experience in Merino Stud management and in my opinion the Merinos and Polls at GullenGamble show exeptional size, constitution, temperament and excellent meat-shape. Combined with excellent wool their Merinos and Polls meet all markets.  As a buyer and stock contractor I always look to GullenGamble to add quality to our flock.  Mark and Kym run a first class operation and are real leaders in the industry."  

Jamie Barclay, Barclay Livestock Management Services

We have found a real lift in maturity and frame with the GullenGamble sheep which has now allowed us to start joining our maiden ewes 9 months early than in the past.

Phillip & Rana Hunter “Minnamurra” Yeoval

After 5-6 years of using GullenGamble rams in our self replacing merino flock at “Red Hill”, I have been very pleased with the rich bright, well nourished length of staple produced on a reasonably easy-care sheep.With Wether lambs off the board making in excess of $100 and cutting approximately 4kg of 17.5 micron wool and cull ewes averaging 34kg dressed . . . who says there isn’t any money in Merinos?

Johnson Family “Red Hill” Yeoval

“I have been purchasing GullenGamble rams now for over 11 years.  Every year I am noticing improvements in my flock with frame, wool and in particular lambing percentage.  Generally, in our area (Tilpa, Western NSW), in 2011 - lambing percentages were well down with many flocks only averaging 70% and some down to 50%.  We had two mobs of mixed age ewes at 103% all unscanned, and averaged close to 90%.  Our microns for grown sheep are now consistently around 20 micron and hoggets from 17.5 to 18.5.  Our wethers last August cut $62 worth of wool and were trucked out six weeks off the board at $120.  A great result for the sheep and the western division!"

Don Macdonald “Keelambara” Tilpa

I have been using GullenGamble rams for 7 years now and my lambing gets better and better all the time, with the last 2 years being exceptional. At scanning May 2008, I had the phenomenal rate of 200 multiples and 194 singles in lamb. At that sort of rate you cannot expect them all to survive, however at marking, we marked 480 good, healthy lambs giving 121% lambing. At scanning May 2009 (we did not scan for multiples) 286 ewes produced 506 healthy lambs giving us a lambing percentage of 131%.

Paul McCulloch “Danibe” Garoo (Tamworth)

We have been using GullenGamble rams for the past 14 years and as a result now have large frame sheep with free growing wool, high lambing percentages producing a fast growing and quick maturing sheep.We are very happy with the direction GullenGamble rams have taken us.

Ted & Fiona Hodges “Avoca” Baldry

“We have been GullenGamble clients for 12 years. During our first six years, we have been able to reduce our fibre diameter from an average of 22 to 19 micron.  Progressively, we have achieved other objectives, including increased body size, excellent fertility and greater fleece weights. This year our wethers cut over 8kg and ewes 6.5kg, an increase of 1 to 1.5kg on earlier shearing weights.”

John & Penny Holland “Uungula” Wellington

Blue Shearing Services has been associated with GullenGamble Merino Stud since 2002. GullenGamble rams are used in over 20% of the sheep in my run. GullenGamble sheep are thin skinned and uncomplicated, which are a type highly preferred by shearers. Over the past elenen years increases in size, early maturity of lambs, wool weights, and softness of handle have been very noticeable to those of my clients and wool classers, since the change over to GullenGamble blood lines. This type of sheep suits the modern international pattern of shearing that has been taught for the last 12-15 years. Contractors who rely on peak season shearers will have a better chance of the more professional and organised travelling and international shearers returning in each season for easier shearing sheep such as those from GullenGamble. Just as importantly, learner shearers are able to get their numbers up more quickly, and are more likely to stay in the industry.

Ralph Blue - Blue Shearing Services, Yeoval

I have had the privilege of marketing the GullenGamble livestock for the previous 4 years. It is after seeing the results from over the hook sales and the open auction fat sales that I can say with the utmost confidence that GullenGamble blood sheep are the best performing merino sheep that I have been involved in. With merino lambs dressing at 51% and skin values comparable to best crossbred skins, the GullenGamble lambs have been outstanding performers commanding a premium from processors. At the prime lamb market the GullenGamble lambs through their plain bodied presentation and bloom of finish command the same positive attention. I have no hesitation in recommending these sheep to anyone who is interested and welcome any enquiry from producers interested in achieving similar results.

Tim Wiggins - Christie and Hood, Dubbo